Proclamation From The Black Phoenix of Ardesca
















(From the book of the prophetess Cyhyraeth)

 "And it shall come to pass that a man will come from the east, a chieftain and a creature of war.

In his wake will follow the crow feather and the wolf howl. In his wake will follow death and change.

The kingdom of fire and the man will be reborn together, and a new age shall come..."


Hails to the people of Ardesca! I, Samael Drach'nyen of Cadair Idris, have triumphed in war to take the Phoenix Crown left vacant by the departed Caesar Theron Katstafanis and Queen Tierney Seriflame. Through the trials of battle I have come, faced all challengers, and emerged victorious. I vow to defend our people from enemies within and without, support them and their works, and let the the fires of Ardesca be spread to all corners of the earth, for the light of the Phoenix is the light of the world.


First in service to the kingdom and people of Ardesca,


The Black Phoenix,

Samael Drach'nyen,

Aves Ignem Rex.





  • A Prophecy sent from the Pagan Goddess foretells of the Black Crusade the Black Phoenix shall take. That may cost him his life!
  • In a misguided attempt to keep the King safe, the Baron of Arandor kidnapped the King, thus costing him his Title. 
  • Fletcher of Arandor executed by the King's Command for Treason. 
  • The Inquisition has called forth witnesses to testify at the great Ragnaroc, due to rumors of sorcery being used through out the Kingdom.